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Product video campaign for website, YouTube and social media.

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Trucks, with forks

The Lift-Rite product video campaign was created to showcase the features of their lift trucks for customers in the materials handling industry. The videos were designed to be used on their website and social channels, as well as by their sales team as a tool to make faster sales and save them time in the sales process. We filmed the trucks with high quality production values to make them look incredible.

Since the videos launched, Lift-Rite has been able to move more fork trucks and their sales team has become more efficient. The videos have helped to educate potential customers about the features and capabilities of the trucks, which has in turn led to more informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, the videos have also been a valuable tool for the sales team, allowing them to quickly and easily demonstrate the trucks to potential customers, saving time in the sales process. The product video campaign has been a great success for Lift-Rite, helping them to increase sales and improve their sales process.

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