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Product video campaign for website, YouTube and social media.

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For the love of music

The video campaign for McIntosh was carefully crafted to showcase the elegance and quality of their high-end audio systems. By combining beautiful product cinematography and lighting with lifestyle scenes featuring an actor, we were able to convey the experience of owning a McIntosh product. The videos were designed to be used on the product display pages of their website and on social media, with the goal of driving sales and highlighting the unique features of McIntosh products.

The campaign has been highly successful, with sales nearly tripling since its launch. Additionally, the videos have received a high number of views, further solidifying their effectiveness in showcasing the brand and its products. The campaign has helped to speed up the sales process and has effectively highlighted the features that are only found in a McIntosh, thereby making it a perfect choice for high-end audio enthusiasts.

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