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Meier Supply

Brand film and Recruitment film for the web and social media.

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Making the case

The brand films created for Meier Supply were designed to effectively communicate the company's role as an HVAC wholesaler. The goal was to create a short and compelling piece of video content that would clearly explain what the company does and how it operates. To achieve this, two scripts were written, one for a film that spoke to the business itself and another for a film that was geared towards recruiting employees.

The films were shot using real Meier Supply employees at various locations, highlighting their skills and expertise in the field. The footage was then edited together to create a cohesive and engaging final product. The films were deployed and within a couple of months, the company was able to fill out its staff with highly skilled and eager employees ready to work. The brand films have also been extremely effective in attracting and retaining vendors and contractors as part of the company's extended network.

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