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Olum's Furniture & Appliances

Commercial campaign for broadcast, streaming and social meida.

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No better feeling: Building a better brand

Our commercial video campaign for Olum's, a furniture and appliances retailer, aimed to transform the brand's image from a bargain basement store to a high-end company that sells mid- to high-end products. To achieve this, we developed a concept that focused on showcasing the beautiful, high-quality products that Olum's offers. We wrote scripts that highlighted the elegance and sophistication of the store's offerings, and filmed beautiful cinematography in-store with actors to bring the concept to life.

In post-production, we carefully colored and edited the footage to create a polished, professional look that matched that of a national brand. This brand transformation propelled Olum's to success by changing the minds of their audience and increasing sales and revenue, even in a time when retailers were losing money. The campaign was a huge success and helped to establish Olum's as a reputable and desirable destination for furniture and appliances shoppers.

The power of video in transforming a brand cannot be overstated. High-quality video has the ability to change customer perceptions and build a better business. By creating a visually compelling and emotionally resonant story, video has the ability to connect with audiences on a deeper level and create a lasting impression. It can help to establish trust and credibility, and can be used to showcase products and services in a way that is both engaging and informative.

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