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Outlaw Mile Hi Light Beer

Promotional videos for social media and live events.

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Clean and crisp

The product videos for Tivoli Brewing Company's latest lite beer, Outlaw, were created to showcase the beer in the most visually appealing way possible. We used a variety of creative camera and lighting techniques in the studio to bring the product to life and make it stand out on social media. For example, we utilized props to show off the ingredients in the beer, such as fresh hops and barley, in order to give viewers a sense of the beer's unique flavor profile. Additionally, we used practical effects, such as making the beer look cold and refreshing, to further enhance the overall aesthetic of the video.

Filmed with Tivoli Brewing Company's brand in mind, we kept the style clean, cool and fresh to compliment the taste of Outlaw. The videos were a huge success, bringing more attention to the brand and being viewed countless times on social media. The videos also play in the stadium adjacent to the brewery, promoting their beer that's on tap for sporting fans and guests. The combination of creative camera work, well-chosen props, practical effects and brand-complimenting style all helped to create videos that truly capture the essence of Tivoli Brewing Company's latest lite beer, Outlaw.

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