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Raymond Corp

Video campaign for broadcast, social media and live events.

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The brand films produced for Raymond Corp, the global leader in fork truck manufacturing, were a huge success. The videos were filmed with actual employees and their actual experience working at Raymond, showcasing the company's culture and values. The goal of the project was to quickly and concisely demonstrate why Raymond is an exceptional place to work and build a career. The videos feature employees from all departments and levels, giving a full account of the breadth of the company. The use of exceptional lighting and cinematography, along with scripts assembled from the interview footage, made the videos visually appealing and engaging.

The impact of these videos on Raymond's recruitment and retention efforts has been significant. The campaign continues to this day as we build and expand upon the concepts we created for them. The videos have done such a good job at attracting and retaining employees that Raymond has seen a positive impact on their recruitment and retention efforts. The company's culture and values are clearly conveyed through the real-life experiences of their employees, making it easier for potential candidates to understand what it's like to work at Raymond. The success of this campaign is a testament to the power of storytelling and the importance of employee engagement in creating effective branding.

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