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It's a good life

The Agency, Broome County's premier industrial development agency, recently launched a commercial campaign that aimed to showcase the beauty and economic opportunities of the region. The campaign, titled "A Good Life," was created to engage and excite viewers about the possibilities of living, working, and playing in Broome County. To bring this message to life, we filmed real people working and living in the area and wrote scripts that highlighted the unique features of the region.

The commercials were designed to be fast-paced and energetic, reflecting the way The Agency energizes the community through its initiatives. The goal was to create a sense of excitement and possibility for those considering a move to the area. The campaign's success has had a ripple effect, contributing to the gentrification and growth of the area. The commercials have helped to create a continued sense of improvement as the area is developed for both business and family life, aligning with the agency's mission to promote economic development in the area. Overall, the Good Life campaign has been a powerful tool to promote the area and attract new businesses and residents.

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