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The Bear 107.1 FM

Commercial campaign for broadcast, digital and social media.

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Classic country for modern folks

The Bear 107.1 FM, a new country music station in the area, needed to increase its awareness and attract listeners who love country music. To achieve this, we developed a commercial campaign that focuses on depicting everyday people in everyday situations, having fun and singing country music at the top of their lungs like no one is watching. The campaign features beautiful lighting and cinematography that brings the spots to life and truly captures the spirit of country music and its fans.

The commercial was edited together with famous, well-known country songs as if it's a sing-a-long, building on the idea that everyone who loves country music loves to sing along, together and as a community. This approach resonated with the target audience and helped to establish a connection with them. As a result, listenership more than doubled within the first 3 months of the campaign's launch. The campaign continues to air as an ongoing branding effort to get more people to consider flipping the dial to The Bear 107.1 FM. The commercial success of the campaign has not only helped to establish the station as a popular choice for country music fans in the area but also helped to build a strong community of listeners.

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