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Tivoli Brewing Co.

Promotional videos for social media and live events.

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The core four

The social media video campaign we created for Tivoli Brewing Company focused on their highest selling beers, known as the "core four". To highlight the branding of the cans, we filmed the products in studio with creative lighting and camera work to create visually interesting and unique shots. The ingredients of the beer were also featured in a fun and engaging way that sparked interest in the viewer, making them thirsty for a cold one.

In the video, we utilized a variety of techniques to capture the essence of each beer and the brand as a whole. From close-up shots of the cans to beautiful pour shots of the brew, we aimed to give viewers a glimpse into the world of Tivoli Brewing Company and the care and attention that goes into each of their beers. The final products were dynamic and engaging videos that not only showcased the "core four" beers but also provided a sense of the brand's personality and character. The video was well received by the target audience and resulted in a spike in sales and engagement on Tivoli Brewing social media platforms.

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