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United Health Services

Commercial campaign for broadcast, digital and social media.

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Virtually there

United Health Services (UHS) needed to promote their virtual visits in order to expand their service reach to customers who couldn't get to an office, or who otherwise might still have concerns due to Covid and the current times we live in. To achieve this, we created a commercial campaign that utilized a combination of live-action interviews to create videos of real people talking about how easy it is to use UHS's virtual visit service. These videos featured patients who had previously used the service, and they spoke about their positive experiences, including the convenience and accessibility of virtual visits.

Additionally, we used animation to explain and showcase the features of UHS's virtual healthcare service. These animations helped to break down the technical aspects of the service and make it more relatable and understandable to potential patients. The campaign was a success, and it led to a significant increase in virtual visits for UHS. With a sustained branding campaign, we were able to shift the public's thoughts about virtual healthcare, making it something that is now normal and expected. Many people now view virtual healthcare as a better option for mild cases or simple check-ups, rather than in-office care.

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